I am honored to have worked for the following families:


Dr. Rajan and Jayshree Amin – also a Pool House
Lee (attorney) and Sherry Armbruster – 2 houses and a Guest House
Paul and Joyce Browne
Harley and Joan Butler

Dr. Steve and Gwen Cherry – 2 houses
Dr. Dean and Katy Collis
Gary and Kathy Jo Dennis
Dr. Amar and Paulomi Desai
Julia Dyer

Dr. Karla Guess
Dr. Julie Gaskill & Kevin Robbins
Ben Harper
Dr. Cal Harding
Dr. Louis and Peggy Heuser – 17th floor condo and 1 renovated condo
Mike Hinson River – Renovation

Dr. K. M. Hodge – 2 houses
Dr. Terry Henkel – “I can’t believe this type of house is in Louisville”
Dr. Jim and Dr. Judy Holtman – Lake house
Jan and DeDe Horton
Byron and Barbara Huddleston
Gary Huntoon
Professor Brian and Cynthia Jones – Lake House
James Knight – Lake House
Jim and Jean Kurtzweil

Dr. Bob & Bernie Lee
David Levitch
Doris Levitch
Dr. Curt Liebman – also a Pool House
Marty McClelland
Patrick (attorney) and Pam Michael
Dr. Brenda Morris- Lake house and Addition
Dr. James and JoAnne Patterson

Ron and Kathlene Peters – River house
Dr. Pran and Kanta Ravani
Dr. Steven and Rebecca Rose
Curt and Judy Royce – Addition

Dr. Dan Sessler
Kiran and Vasanti Shah
Dr. and Mrs. H.S. Shetty
John and Lucy Spickard – Addition

Dr. John and Jenny Tackett – Addition
Dr. Arun and Dr. Neera Ummat
Dr. Ximena Valdes
Dr. Lori Warren
Candy Welch- Addition and 2nd home remodel design

Keith and Jerita Williams- Addition
Don and Bobbi Windhorst

An additional reference you might be familiar with is my sister, Nancy Peterson, owner and operator of Edenside Art Gallery, voted Best of Louisville.

Also, my father Bill Peterson was a Home Builder, and developed Windsor Forest.

My past clientele are by far, the best measure of my work.