About Us

About  Jim Peterson

Since 1982, I have been designing and building custom houses that are unique in their contemporary design. This ranges from detailed remodeling and inspired additions, to exciting new dream homes.

It all begins with creative design. We personally develop a house with all of the key elements that you desire. We utilize the natural environment surrounding your property to design a home with light filled interiors and unique, personalized character. No two people or families are alike, which is why we tailor each aspect of your home to your tastes and lifestyle.

We strive to create magical spaces that stir your emotions through proportions, details & textures. All drawing and planning is done utilizing the latest 3D modeling software.

Inspiration comes in many forms, but your ideas are the driving force for your unique home. Sometimes we work in traditional neighborhoods where a deft hand is required to blend period work with Modern design. Other times, plans are derived from some rough ideas or from scratch.
I design homes nationwide. When the house is in the Louisville area, our craftsmen and I seamlessly follow through with the building phase. We work closely with you through every detail to ensure you get the exact home you want.

Past client homeowners list is available upon request. We believe our satisfied client base is by far the greatest testament to our skill at bringing dreams to life.

Best Compliment; “I love this house just like my dog” -Mary Tate 8 years old